Friday, February 18, 2005

Chinese Wedding Dinner


I think we've narrowed down the place to have our Chinese Wedding Dinner... Ecko's Chinese Restaurant. Cindy's in the picture, marvelling at all the Chinese lanterns.

"Ecko, originally from Taiwan, and her husband, Gary Barbian met while he was stationed at a Taipei airbase. He was a flight engineer, while she was a mess hall supervisor. The pair bounced from base to base until they ended up at Dyess Airforce base.

Barbian was encouraged by a group of other Dyess airmen's wives after they tasted her cooking at a potluck luncheon. She started small and opened a catering business in 1975. Within a year, business grew so much that she was able to open Ecko's Restaurant, once located in the Wooten Hotel. The restaurant, now at 2701 S. 1st St., is one of the longest surviving Chinese restaurants in Abilene. "

Henry update coming up tomorrow..


TR said...

Ooohh...pretty lanterns! You will get to sample the food first right? I'm so excited for you!

TR getting all tingly @

Raven the Pagan said...

Now that looks like a good resturant. Will you send me some food through FedEx? LOL Just kidding. Really does look like a nice place though.

Anonymous said...

hi yi chieh..that photo doesnt even look like its in USA! Great choice I must say! Really like the Chinese restaurants we have back home huh! :) Hugs and kisses

dreaming-neko said...

that place looks really nice!

i like the small mom/pop chinese restaurants here in the islands. yum :)

Sarah said...

OO that place looks awesome - You are gonna have such a brilliant day. Hugs

makuahine said...

Wow very cool! :-D Yay!!!

Monica said...

I cant wait til the wedding

hey how did you guys meet?

I met my David on kidding) and I called him up after 1 date and said I really didnt want to see him(I thought he was too old and had too much baggage)

KEF said...

Oh my goodness Monica!

You aren't joking? What changed your decision to marry _your_ David?

Letti, do they have the teapot with longggggggggggggggggggggg neck where the Beijing waitress used to serve tea?

You get what a mean? Beijing restaurants? Long neck :)

<"3 )~ said...

YAY Letti!!! its awesome!!! how beautiful!!
<"3 )~

BoringFish said...

My family heritage is Fuijanese and It's interesting to learn about that history.