Saturday, November 18, 2006

I do not enjoy panic attacks

And there have been several,

especially when Christmas time looms and I'm trying to get presents shipped to the folks back in Malaysia

Presents have to go THIS far...


The 2004 Presents Fiasco ( presents sent around Dec 10th )

The 2005 Presents Near-Fiasco ( presents sent Nov 25th )

airmailThis year, the presents are ready to be wrapped tomorrow and Monday, and then it's off to the Post office on Tuesday ( before Taco Tuesday ) ( ± Nov Nov 21 )

The US Postal Service estimates Global Air Mail shipping times to be 4-10 Days, so there should be plenty of "buffer" days, unlike back in 1945 when you had to send your stuff in SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER!



dreaming-neko said...

yes. christmas always pops up everywhere before thanksgiving...
good luck! :)

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Maybe shoot for August next time? Sounds like you did well, though. I keep thinking I'm going to shop for Christmas gifts in the summer or all through the year to avoid the rush, but somehow that never happens.
Are there special things that you can get here that they can't get there that they really prize?

Anonymous said...

Letti, you are really giving me a panic attack now! We've only got a couple of things for home and it is Nov. 20th.
Will you share gift ideas?