Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Happiness is..

Moon Cakes

The Mid Autumn Festival was last week, and my brother was so sweet to call me up and ask me if I could find any mooncakes in Abilene. Previously I was able to get some at the Filipino Store, but they had changed management since, and I didn't see any there this year.

ANYWAY, these came in the mail a couple of days ago .. AWWWW Thank you Carter!



David tried some and even had seconds! He likened them to fig newtons "with a milder taste".


Asianmommy said...

Yum! Your brother is very sweet to you.

Tamara said...

ohhhhh! So THAT'S what a moon cake is...they look yummy!! I thought you were talking about moon pies on FB...LOL
Sorry,I've been selfishly out of touch....but I'm back,and so I gotta read your past posts to see how lil Jax is coming along...hopefully I'll get to see some more pics!!(hint hint)
Seems like all my faves are not updating at all anymore.....I guess its in the air.Speaking of air....isn't this Texas cool front nice?NOW if the misty rain would clear up...uugh!
huggggggggs and mo' hugggs for baby "J" ;-}
Take Care,

McMGrad89 said...

Looks yummy!